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St Peter Catholic School Home & School Association


The St Peter Home and School Association is designed to enable the parent's partnership role to become a reality in education, from infant-toddlers up to and including 8th grade students.  The objectives of our Home and School are to coordinate the educational activities of the home and school, promote communicattion among the parents, teachers and administrators, and to develop and deepen a mutual understanding of Catholic education.  It supports the school through fund raising activities, volunteer workers and collaboration with faculty and staff.  It is not an organization that discusses policies and issues, those are functions of the school advisory board of education.  Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month beginning in September and ending in April with NO MEETING in December! Meetings start at 6:00 P.M. in the school chapel.


Membership consists of parents/guardians of students, the pastor, school administrator/principal and faculty/staff. Membership may be extended to include other interested relatives of students and community leaders if so desired.  The association may set nominal annual dues if desired (the St Peter Home and School Assocation at this time does not charge dues for membership).


The Home and School Assocation supports the St Peter Catholic School staff and students in many ways. As mentioned above, members volunteer to help out at school functions as room mothers, superivsors, field trip transportation, and other jobs as needed. In addition to this, the Home and School provides each classroom with $250 start up money in the fall, funds field trips for the classes, takes care of dinner for the staff on parent teacher conference nights, purchases playground equipment as needed for students and so on.  This past year, for example, some of the things the association has done are purchased a new computer program for the library, 20 chrome tablets for use as a mobile computer lab, and a new laminator to replace the old one that finally gave out.  Each year, they give $25,000 to the school teacher fund as well as $5,000 to the school budget for the purchase of textbooks.


The St Peter Catholic School Home and School Association has two primary fund-raisers that are REQUIRED PARTICIPATION on the part of ALL FAMILIES with children attending St Peter Catholic School. These are our annual Home and School dinner auction (held in the fall of the year) and our Chili/Soup supper/Carnival/Book Fair held in conjunction with Catholic Schools Week.


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