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A message from our principal:

Welcome to St. Peter Catholic School located in Marshall, Missouri.  We are a school community proudly supported by the St. Peter Catholic Church family and friends.   Our school provides faith-based education to students ranging from Preschool through 8th grade.  Our school is dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of students academically, spiritually and emotionally.

Our faculty and staff are driven and maintain high expectations from inside the classrooms throughout our buildings.  We are proud that our students consistently score at or above grade level during standardized testing.  We believe we are able to provide an exceptional educational experience to our students.  We maintain low teacher-student ratio conducive to learning, guide our students in their relationship with God, and by commit ourselves to helping each child grow in confidence.  Our goal is their success. 

St. Peter Catholic School is rich in history and loved by our church.  We are proud that so many of our alumni value the traditions and educational experience provided by our institution and continually choose to return to Marshall to educate their own children in our school community.  

We thank you for stopping by our website.

God Bless, 

Mary McCoy

"With God's Help All Will Learn and Grow"


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A message from St. Peter Catholic School:

Congratulations on making the choice to enroll your child in a Catholic School education!  As a church community at St. Peter, we are so proud of our school and all it has to offer our students and their families.  Our church has a strong heritage of 150 years and counting in Marshall; while our school's storied history began in 1884.

The new school year marks a new beginning and it's always a special time filled with excitement.  We appreciate the commitment made by our staff, our administration, our parishioners, and our families to maintain a high quality school that provides a high quality education to the children of our community.  Knowing that parents are choosing to place emphasis on not only their child's academic and emotional growth, but also their spiritual and religious development too, gives our school a great sense of pride.

We believe in our school's mission and will be praying for many blessings of exploration, growth, and discovery as our students continue to learn.  We also pray that God watches over our students, families, teachers, and administrators with an abundance of grace, compassion, love, and understanding.  You can reach our school staff members by emailing them directly or calling 660-886-6390.  If you need to reach out to Father Francis directly, feel free to contact our Parish Office at 660-886-7960.


`                                                                               God Bless, 

                                                                  St. Peter Catholic School

                                                                  Mary McCoy

                                                                  Father Francis

The Mustangs Mission

The mission of St. Peter School is to provide an education which will nurture the spiritual, emotional and academic growth of each student, helping them to become productive Christian citizens.

We believe that with God's help, all will learn and grow in a Catholic Spirit!

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