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St Peter Catholic School Advisory Council

, Administrator ; -president; -vice-president; -secretary; -member; -member; -member; Hispanic Representative; Mrs. Mary McCoy, Principal

School Advisory Board Meeting is September 6th at 6:00pm.




St Peter School Board Policies



Admission to St Peter’s School: St Peter Catholic School enrollment begins with infant (0-12 months) and toddlers ( 1 to 3 years). A child may enter St Peter’s Pre-kindergarten if they are 4 years old before August 1st or 3 years old before the same date. For more specifics on infant/toddlers and pre-kindergarten programs, see their respective handbooks. A child may enter St Peter’s School Kindergarten who is five (5) years of age before August 1st of that year. A child entering First grade must be six (6) years of age before August 1st of that year.


Student Absence from School: A parent/guardian is to phone the school the day of an absence to report a child’s absence. A written excuse from the parents/guardian is required following a student’s absence.


Students Leaving School Grounds: No student may leave the school or school grounds without the written permission of his/her parent/guardian and the approval of the principal and teacher. Requests to leave school early or come in late must be IN WRITING to the school office. The dismissal of a student will be made through the school office only. The child will be dismissed to the parent/guardian or other adult with written permission only. In case of emergency, the parent/guardian may telephone to give permission for the child to leave with another adult but this must be followed up in writing.


Appointments with Teachers or Principals: For matters that require extensive discussion, parents must make an appointment with the teacher or principal in advance.


Addressing the School Board: The School Board ordinarily holds open meetings every month with a minimum of 5 meetings per year. Any parish member, parent or guardian shall be permitted to voice an opinion at any board meeting by notifying the Pastor, Principal or School Board President 72 hours prior to the meeting of their desire to address the board and what the subject/matter is they would like to address.


School/Classroom Rules: School and classroom rules will be specified, promulgated, explained annually revised and fairly applied. Some indication of the consequences for general types of infractions shall be published in the faculty and parent/student handbooks. Parents of new students shall be made aware of the school’s code of conduct.


Prohibition of Corporal Punishment: Corporal punishment shall not be used under any circumstance in the diocesan schools. The principal is responsible to report immediately to the superintendent any violation of this prohibition. Any extreme or unusual form of punishment or any touching of a child in a manner that is considered punitive shall be avoided.


Behavior at Extra Curricular Activities: St Peter’s students shall always act in a manner showing respect for opposing team members, referees and all visitors at sports events or other extra curricular activities. Adults will attend events with their children in grades K-4. The rules listed in the handbook shall be followed. If rules are broken, parents must attend events with their children.


Student Attire/Dress: Student dress shall be simple, neat and conducive to a learning atmosphere; consistent with Christian values. The specific school uniform rules/regulations are published every year in the parent/student handbooks.


Report Cards: Report cards will be issued four times a year, at the end of each quarter. Mid term Progress Reports are sent home half way through each quarter. Parent-Teacher Conferences are held for the first and third quarter report cards. The parent may request an appointment with the teacher at any time throughout the year to discuss the student’s progress.


Grading System: St Peter’s School uses the diocesan approved report cards and follows guidelines on these so that all report cards are completed in a consistent manner with other schools in the diocese. Teachers are to use the code exactly as printed on the level of report card appropriate to their students.


Discipline: Each faculty member is responsible for maintaining order and discipline with assigned students. The form of discipline should be appropriate to the Catholic school: that is, a form that moves beyond punishment and reward, fostering self-discipline and Christian principles of living. The school shall be certain that students have opportunities to grow in Christian self-discipline and behavior. Students shall be expected to strive for Christian ideals of behavior---within and beyond the school day. The school’s concern for children requires that extreme caution and concern be exercised in the discipline of students. All disciplinary actions shall be designed to help the students grow in an understanding of themselves and of their Christian responsibilities to others. When possible, the teacher, principal, or counselor will try to discover the cause of any recurrent problem, communicating personally with the student(s) and parents or guardians, and others involved.


Suspension: A student shall not be suspended by the principal until there has been a conference with the parents or preferably with the parents and student. The school is urged to use a form of in-school suspension when possible. The time period of suspension may not exceed five (5) school days. A written record of the reason for the suspension with the date and a summation of the parent conference shall be kept on file.


Expulsion: The dismissal or expulsion of a student from a Catholic school is a very serious matter and should be invoked only in extreme cases. Care should be taken that fundamental fairness is offered the student in the process of expulsion or dismissal.


The term "expulsion" is: Termination of a pupil as a student from the school permanently (no opportunity for reinstatement).


The term "dismissal" is: Termination of a pupil as a student from the school less than permanently (indefinite or for a given term). In cases of serious misconduct which could lead to expulsion, the parents are so advised immediately and in writing. They are urged to take advantage of assistance from school, parish, or social service agencies which can help the student with his/her difficulties. Careful documentation must be kept of all disciplinary proceedings. In extreme cases of incorrigible behavior or when conduct threatens the physical or moral welfare of anyone in the school community, the school administrator/principal, normally in consultation with the pastor, can immediately suspend a student until a final decision is made. (See DSP #5355.) After the school has exhausted all avenues of assistance for the student, a recommendation may be made to the pastor and superintendent of Catholic schools regarding the dismissal or expulsion. All dismissal and/or expulsions must be approved by the superintendent of Catholic schools for compliance with the law and diocesan policies and regulations. A statement of dismissal or expulsion is made in writing, including the reasons for the dismissal and a complete listing of dates and efforts made to help the student to avert dismissal. If a dismissal or expulsion is pending, the superintendent of Catholic schools is to be notified immediately. The superintendent of Catholic schools will review the case, consult legal counsel if necessary, and make recommendations back to the school. The superintendent of Catholic schools will then approve or deny the dismissal or expulsion.


Emergency Drills: St Peter’s School will hold fire, earthquake, tornado, and intruder drills periodically throughout the school year.


Promotion or Retention of Students: All promotions, regular and special, are decided by the school administrator/principal in light of the teacher’s recommendation and in consultation with the parents and with the child, if appropriate. Such decisions are based on a total evaluation of a student’s growth in all areas of development. If a student’s progress is unsatisfactory and the teacher believes the student may not satisfactorily complete the present grade, the teacher shall discuss alternatives with the school administrator/principal. As soon as possible, the teacher and/or the school administrator/principal shall talk with the parents/guardians and, as appropriate, with the student. Although the school administrator/principal always acts in consultation with the student’s teachers and parents/guardians, the final responsibility for a student’s promotion or retention rests with the school administrator/principal. During conferences and in a follow-up letter, the parents/guardians and the student are informed of the pending decision at least six weeks before it is finalized. The decision, with its rationale, is to be communicated to the parents/guardian. If the parents/guardians do not agree with the school administrator's/principal's decision, the school administrator/principal and the parents/guardians shall meet to discuss the rationale for the decision. While parent/guardian input is valued, it is ultimately the school administrator's/principal's decision whether to promote a student. If a student with special educational needs is accepted in a school that does not offer a special education program, at the request of parents who are aware that a special education program is not offered, the school administrator/principal and parents sign a written agreement concerning promotion and retention procedures for the child as well as the type of diploma to be awarded upon termination of attendance.


Book Fee Policy: Each Catholic family with children in grades k-8 is assessed $400.00 for the first child and $200.00 for each additional child up to a family maximum per year of $600.00. All book fees are expected to be paid at registration or arrangements must be made with the principal for an alternative payment plan.


Tuition Policy: Any non-Catholic student is charged tuition of $2300 for the school year. A second and all other members in the same family will be charged $1,100 each. Larger families will be considered on an individual basis. Arrangements on how tuition will be paid shall be made with the principal prior to attendance.


Book Fee Policy for Employees: "All current employees of St Peter Catholic School may bring their children to school here at the following rates: $400 for the 1st child and $200 for all others subject to a $600 family maximum. This applies to children in any level/grade including pre-school. For non-Catholic employees hired for the 2010-11 school year and after, the fee will be $400 per child for any level/grade including pre-school. In addition, all Catholic employees are expected to comply with the covenant agreement in regard to church contributions and all non-Catholic faculty and staff are expected to tithe to their own churches".


Employee Leave Policy: Diocesan Policy DSP 4530 states the following: The school shall allow full-time teachers up to 10 days of leave with pay each year, if needed. These days may be used for personal illness or for any critical illness, death or funeral of a member of the teacher’s family. One of the 10 days may be used for personal leave during a school year. At the discretion of the administrator/principal, more than one of the 10 days may be used for personal leave. After all the sick leave has been used a full day’s pay shall be deducted from the teacher’s salary for each day missed. A proportionate amount of leave shall be offered for part-time employees. The school pays for any needed substitute to replace a teacher using allowed leave days.


Purpose: The portion of the policy that reads ‘at the discretion of the administrator/principal, more than one of the 10 days may be used for personal leave’ is the issue in our local setting. The goal of this policy is to provide more consistency and structure in order to facilitate equity for all parties concerned.


Terms: The school will pay for a substitute for one additional personal day each year (that is in addition to the one day stipulated in the diocesan policy). Added to the provision for critical illness, death or funeral of a member of the teacher’s family will be weddings and births (in an appropriate number and other than those covered by maternity leave) of immediate family members. If the employee and administrator agree upon use of a personal day beyond the 2 previously referred to in this policy the employee will reimburse the school at the amount of full-time substitute teacher compensation for each day in question. The administrator reserves the right to deny a personal day request (if the request is beyond the 2 previously referred to in this policy). Should the employee choose to be absent anyway 1/182 of contracted salary amount will be deducted for each day of absence. A list of days will be blacked out at the beginning of each school year as being unavailable for use as a personal day in that calendar cycle. Should a personal day be utilized on one of the blacked out dates, the employee will reimburse the school at the amount of full-time substitute teacher compensation for each day in question.


School Insurance: A school insurance plan is offered to the students of St Peter School through the diocese of Jefferson City. This plan is for “excess” insurance only, meaning it pays only when family insurance cannot pay. Insurance covers students at school during the school day and at school sponsored activities, including but not limited to extra-curricular activities.


HIV/AIDS Policy: When it becomes known to the administration that a student has been infected with HIV/AIDS, the following procedure should be implemented: 1. The school administrator/principal informs the superintendent of Catholic schools. 2. The superintendent of Catholic schools convenes an advisory committee proposed of representatives from the Catholic School Office, the school administrator/ principal, the pastor, the parents/guardians and the attending physician. This group will determine whether the student should be in the regular classroom and whether the student has special needs based on his/her health status. It is the responsibility of this committee to weigh the risks and benefits to both the infected student and to others in the school. The superintendent of Catholic schools, in consultation with diocesan legal counsel, shall thereafter approve any recommendation and/or the student placement prior to implementation and prior to any change thereto. Should this team be unable to reach consensus on the course of action to be followed, the matter will be referred to the superintendent of Catholic schools, who will make the final decision. It is most important that this committee hold the matter in strictest confidence. All determinations under this section shall be made on a case-by-case basis. Once placement for the student has been determined, the advisory committee shall continue to monitor the care, situation, and environment and conduct a review of each case, so long as it is open, prior to the beginning of each school semester, mid-semester, and at such other times as deemed appropriate by the superintendent of Catholic schools. Public Awareness Should the presence of an HIV/AIDS infected student become known to the broader school community, all public statements will be made by appropriate personnel in the Catholic School Office. Personnel from the Catholic School Office will direct meetings with staff and parents/guardians if those become necessary. They will provide assistance to the administration and other appropriate personnel to insure the rights and care of the infected student and the welfare of the total school community. For more information, see DSP 8000: Communicable Disease


No Smoking Policy: There will be no smoking on school grounds during regular school hours. There will be no smoking in the school buildings during school events.


No Alcohol Policy: No alcohol will be allowed on school grounds during school hours or during school student related activities.


Service Hours: As a condition of enrollment, all families at St Peter Catholic School are required to complete 5 hours of service to the school either at the dinner auction, the chili/soup supper.


Library: Library time is allowed for all students one day per week. Books are to be returned by the scheduled date. If a library book is lost or damaged, the student is expected to pay for it. If a student does not return his/her book on the scheduled date of return, no new book will be issued until the book is returned.


Health Service Program: All students must be appropriately immunized or be in the process of being immunized. The number of doses required for each disease will be in accordance with the regulations established by the Missouri Division of Health, Department of Health and Senior Services. Each school administrator/principal sees that the school has a record with the current immunization status of every student. See DSP 8000 for current Missouri Health Record Immunization Requirements and possible exemptions. Students may not attend school unless they are in compliance with the immunization requirements or qualify for one of the stated exemptions. Each school administrator/principal is responsible for the completion and submission of the Summary Report, which is required annually by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. (DSP 5105)


Outdoor Play: Students are encouraged to play outdoors when weather permits. Children may stay inside for health reasons if a note is sent to the teacher from the parent our guardian.


Hot Lunch Program: Lunches cost $1.90 a meal for students and $2.00 for adults.. Extra milk is $.30 per carton. Children should bring lunch money on Monday morning. Lunch fees are not to be delinquent. Free and reduced lunches are available to those who qualify.


Physical Education Uniforms: All students in grades 5 through 8 are required to wear a P.E. uniform consisting of blue or black shorts and white or navy t shirts and or a St Peter Spirit wear shirt.


Lost and Found Articles: Items found on school grounds are kept in the school office. Attempts will be made to locate the owners of items found. Items lost should be reported to the school office immediately.


School Parties: Birthday parties are not to be held during school hours. Recognition of birthdays is given on Mondays at the school prayer gathering with announcement and applause for those with birthdays during the week. Planned parties of Holidays and other special occasions will be held as dates published in the yearly school calendar specify. Room mothers may be asked to organize these parties.


Minor Accidents/Illnesses: External Care: “The school will assist students who have minor accidents or ailments by using the first aid materials contained in the first aid kits of each building. In cases of severe accidents or ailments, parents will be contacted for assistance.” Internal Care: Any drug which may lawfully be sold over the counter without a prescription may be administered in compliance with the written instructions and consent of the student's parent or guardian. Administration of a prescription drug requires written instructions from a physician, dentist or podiatrist and written consent from the student's parent or guardian.


Non Discriminatory Policy: Every Catholic school in the Diocese of Jefferson City respects the dignity of each individual and, therefore, will not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, or sex in regard to enrollment, except as permitted by law. The Diocese of Jefferson City has the obligation to publicize its non-discrimination policies, and a non-discrimination statement is to be part of each local school's handbook. (DSP 5101)


School Board Members and Meeting Minutes: Minutes of St Peter’s School Board meetings will be posted for public viewing in the school office. Members of St Peter’s School Board will be posted on the bulletin board across from the principal’s office.


School Registration: There will be a pre-registration held each spring for the coming school year. Members of the St Peter’s School Board will participate in this process.


Gym Rental Policy: The gym will be rented to parish members, individuals or other civic organizations. The agreement/rental contract will be obtained from the school principal or his/her designate. The pastor and principal will decide who will be allowed to rent the gym and for what purposes. Chairs and tables will not be rented out.


Nepotism: St Peter recognizes that the employment of relatives can create circumstances of conflict of interest, as well as circumstances adverse to a good working relationship and atmosphere. Therefore, while the hiring of relatives is not proscribed, it is limited by the following provisions: (1) No employee of a Catholic school shall directly hire, directly supervise or directly evaluate his/her own relative and (2) Relative, as defined in this policy, shall include spouse, parent, children and or siblings.


Guidance in the School: When a counselor is on staff, St Peter’s School shall provide guidance programs that will treat topics such as self-esteem, peer pressure, drug/alcohol abuse, handling anger, loneliness, depression, failure, etc. Some counseling of students will be provided on an as needed basis.


Crisis Handling: In the event of a crisis involving school students or staff, St Peter’s shall refer to specified guidelines in the School Crisis plan and current diocesan policy.


Extra Curricular Activity Policy: Extra Curricular activities are an extension of the school elementary curriculum and come under the guidelines and standards set for other school activities. These activities provide our children with an opportunity to develop and expand their Christian principles into an area outside the classroom. They should be a positive learning experience. The goals of the extra-curricular activities should be: (1) To learn and display the principles of good sportsmanship: Christianity-Courtesy-Humility-Self Esteem (2) To remember that the purpose of participation is for the enjoyment and educational growth of the participants; and (3) To present an atmosphere of learning where each child can grow and bring pride to themselves, their teammates, their family, their school and their community.


Students will not be permitted to participate in extra-curricular activities if (1) they are unable to attend school all day on the day of the activity due to personal illness; (2) they have a failing grade in any subject (grades will be checked at 2 weeks following the issuance of the failing grade to determine if the grade is now passing, if so student will be allowed to participate again. If not, student will continue to be ineligible for participation until mid quarter at which time grades will be evaluated again. If grade is still failing, student is ineligible for the remainder of the quarter. Student will be allowed to practice with the team while ineligible but not dress out for games nor be on the bench or sidelines at games.) (3) they are dismissed from the classroom for unsatisfactory conduct the day of the activity. If a child’s conduct results in in-school suspension, all extra-curricular activity participation ceases the moment the infraction occurs. Participation resumes the day following in-school suspension. The coach or teacher/supervisor in charge of the extra-curricular activity needs to be notified if a child should not be allowed to participate that day. Extra curricular participation is a privilege and not a right!


The following applies to Athletic Extra-curricular activities only: 1) Students will have a current physical exam, signed code of conduct and signed parental permission form on file with the athletic director BEFORE being allowed to practice or play in games, (2), Practice times shall not exceed two hours per day nor be more frequent than four days per week 3) Students will pay to play: $25.00 fee per sport, maximum of $100.00 per family per year. This fee is to be paid before the first practice.




Revised, Approved and Adopted, April 10, 2014





(signature of pastor) (signature of school board president) (signature of principal) (Diocese of Jefferson City representative)



















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