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Drumroll Please...This year's Spring Musical is the Wizard of Oz!

By Raegan Thompson


This much loved and appreciated story of a girl and a tornado is sweeping into St. Peter School this spring! A special adaptation by Tom Kirkham features Dorothy, TinMan, Scarecrow, Wicked Witch, and so many more. Play auditions will be held February 15th after school. The spring musical is open to grades 5-8, and is casted and directed by 8th grade teacher Ms. Kennedy. We wish for all the cast to have a great season and a wonderful performance this year!

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Junior High Basketball Season Comes to an End

By Lia Cubero

The 7th-8th grade boys and girls basketball season has finally come to an end! Each team had their last games of the 2023-24 season in the last week of January, with the boys playing the Sacred Heart Gremlins and the girls playing the Cole Camp Black Knights. Here are comments from some of the players of the SPS junior high basketball teams!

Raegan Thompson, a seventh-grader at St. Peter School who is part of the girls junior high basketball team commented, “Basketball is a sport where you can unite as a team but shine as an individual. My favorite part about basketball is that it is a strategic and exciting game.” 


Mason Fann, who is also a seventh-grader, plays on the boys junior high basketball team. He said, “I chose to play basketball because my sister played it. My favorite part about basketball this season is when we got 2nd place in our tournament.


Elizabeth Granillo, an eighth-grader at SPS added, “I love how intense the sport is because it challenged me. My favorite part about this season is the adrenaline the crowd gives.”


Another seventh-grader, Ty Mullins who is a part of the boys 7th-8th grade team commented, “ I chose to play basketball because I saw my brother play it so I wanted to. My favorite part of basketball is playing with my friends.


Basketball is not only a competitive sport but you gain friendship and wonderful memories along the way. We thank our coaches and parents for their time and support spent on this season. Without their involvement and participation, this season wouldn’t have been as productive as it was. Altogether, it has been a very successful season and we are all looking forward to next year!

Thankful for Catholic Schools Week

By Raegan Thompson

Catholic Schools Week is a week we set aside to celebrate the wonderful school and foundation we have here at St. Peter’s. To commemorate Catholic schools, the students here at St. Peter’s were able to participate in many events that week. The Knights of Columbus set up a pancake breakfast for all the students to enjoy before school, as well as talking to the student body about what it means to be part of the Knights. The students saw the movie Migration at the Marshall Cinema, and were able to enjoy popcorn and a drink. To top off the week, there was a school wide dress down day. Individuals were interviewed on what they loved the most about being a part of a Catholic school. One commented that families at the school can become like your own family. In conclusion, we are truly blessed to be a part of this community, where we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

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