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St. Peter Pre-Kindergarten

Our mission is to provide an education which will allow Christian faith to become living, conscious, and active.


St. Peter pre-kindergarten is open to all potty-trained three- and four- year -old children.  The days available are Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 5:30pm.  Also available for 3 year olds is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday.  For the 4 year old child, you may also choose Monday through Thursday in order to make sure your child gets the most fomr our curriculum.


The pre-kindergarten rooms are located on the first floor of the elementary building at St. Peter School.  The rooms are the second and third doors on the east side as you walk in from the south entrance.  The school is located at 368 South Ellsworth Street, Marshall, Missouri.


Our three year old classroom offers centers, group activities, story time, art and exploration activities.  Chldren are exposed to colors, shapes, letters, name recognition, and music through fun interactive activities. 


Children in our four year old classroom prepare for kindergarten by participating in our Happily Ever After language and reading program as well as our Saxon math and science curriculum.  Kindergarten readiness skills include learing about the weather, months of the year, days of the week, colors, numbers, letters, shapes and music. 


Painting, puzzle working, cutting and collage creating all promote fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are supported through  outdoor play on the pre-kindergarten playground, dancing, completing an obstacle course in the gym and many others. 


In addition to our regular curriculum, pre-kindergarten classes have the opportunity to go to art class, physical education class and are visited by our parish priests once a week. Starting with the 2014-15 school year, ALL pre-kindergarten students will have formal music instruction twice a week.


The number of students in a class is varied due to the flexibility of scheduling.  In addition to teachers, we have an aide in each room during instruction time and utilize our wonderful Foster Grandparents to facilitate small group learning. 


Our rooms are divided into the centers room and the art/classroom.  These rooms will be utilized on a rotating schedule to accommodate the whole class as well as smaller groups of three or four- year -olds.


Parents are encouraged to be involved in the pre-kindergarten as much as they are able by sharing any talent, driving for field trips, assisting in the classroom with parties or projects, or any other way that is beneficial to the class.   We offer many Parent Lunch days, special events an dopportunities throughout the year to celebrate the  children's families support of our school.  But please, always check with the office before coming to the classroom so the administration knows of your presence in the school.


St. Peter pre-kindergarten aims to foster spiritual growth and human development.  Reflecting this aim, St. Peter preschool program strives to promote children's growth in awareness of themselves and their relationship to others as well as to God through activities appropriate to their stages of development.  Children will be enriched and grow into fullness of life.


The St. Peter pre-kindergarten through simple and concrete activities will create an atmosphere of loving concern where children grow in independence and cooperation.  The children will explore and discover the mysteries of the world through their own natural curiosity and sense of wonder and awe.  As they begin to discover some of the mysteries of nature, they come to understand that people and the world are gifts of God.

St. Peter  Catholic School


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